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Registrations: Please call 1.250.412.6644

A Week 1 Welcome: 180 players and 60 staff are ready to roll!

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Holy cow it is game time.  We talk about Prep Camp all year, and prepare for it all year quite frankly, and we are excited to welcome you all in just a few days!  We want to take a minute to share with you some upcoming highlights, our great team on and off ice, and share some insight into the week ahead.  (To our team receiving this email please forgive us if we missed you somehow.)

Week 1:
This week you will see about 180 of some of the top female players around hit the ice at prep camp.  We started our female week about 6 years ago with 50 players and very few university and college coaches.  We are very proud of our growth and position in the Western Canadian Hockey Community.  We have players from Pee Wee to 2018 Olympians coming to camp this week.
Our Place in the Community:

With over 900 hockey families, and another 150 staff coming to camp this summer, we are an integral part of the City of Port Alberni, as you may have noticed when you tried to book a hotel!  We are proud of our contribution to the

Most of your questions can be found here:
(we get the same questions a lot, so try to get them up on the website to save us all time!): Transportation, schedules, cell phone policy, laundry, medical/nutritional concerns.  http://www.prepcamp.com/my-camp-guide/
Coaches You will See On Ice and Fitness:
  1. Mark Taylor – Camp Director, Former NHL Player, Greater Vancouver Comets, FMAAA
  2. Graham Thomas – University of British Columbia Head Coach, CIS
  3. Michelle Janus – University of Lethbridge Head Coach, CIS
  4. Kelly Paton – University of Western Ontario Mustangs Head Coach, CIS
  5. Greg Bowles – University of Ottawa Coach, CIS
  6. Brian Idalski – University of North Dakota Head Coach, NCAA Div I.  Program future up in air but Coach Brian still under UND contract and attending camp.
  7. Scott Spencer – Lindenwood University Head Coach, NCAA Div I
  8. Chris McKenzie – University of Connecticut Head Coach, NCAA Div I
  9. Mike Sommer – University of British Columbia Coach, CIS. Leslie Global Sports Lead Skills Coach
  10. Dominique DiRocco – Coach University of British Columbia, CIS & Head Coach South Delta Prep, CSSHL
  11. Mollie Fitzpatrick – Norwich University Coach, NCAA III
  12. Christina Sharun – Okanagan Hockey Academy U18 Coach, CSSHL
  13. Carly Haggard – Shawnigan Lake Head Coach, CSSHL
  14. Kristie Sykes – Shawnigan Lake Coach, CSSHL
  15. Jacqueline Scheffel – Head Coach Trinity College School, Ontario
  16. Lynden Sammartino – Victoria Royals Goalie Coach, WHL, LSGC
  17. Griffen Outhouse – Victoria Royals Goalie, WHL
  18. Mike Herringer – Kelowna Rockets Goalie, WHL
  19. Pasco Valana – Elite Goalies, UBC Varsity Goalie Coach
  20. Steve Bratt – Kelowna Rockets Analyst, Hockey Research and Development (Analytics expert), WHL
  21. Ben Mackay – Queenstown Hockey Club Director, New Zealand. Leslie Global Sports Lead Skills Coach
  22. Nate Leslie – Leslie Global Sports Owner, Camp Director, Richmond Oval High Performance Lead
  23. Leo Fitzgerald – Bemidji State player, NCAA I
  24. Gerry Fitzgerald – Bemidji State player, NCAA I
  25. Myles Fitzgerald – Bemidji State player, NCAA I
  26. Ivana Bilic  – Bemidji State player, NCAA I
  27. Robert Lindores – Mississippi Riverkings, SPHL
  28. Shaun Lymer – BWC E15 Coach
  29. Daniel Wieringa – UBC Goalie, CIS
  30. Jodi Gentile – University of Lethbridge player, CIS
  31. Steve Priolo – Victoria Shamrocks Lacrosse player, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
  32. Nico Somerville – Victoria Grizzlies player, BCHL
  33. Ezra Paddock – Oceanside Generals player, VIJHL
  34. Bethany Akers – University of North Dakota Team Manager
  35. 2018 Camp has already confirmed more NCAA and CIS coaches who just couldn’t make it this year.
Fitness & Athletic Therapy Team:
  1. Kate Flynn – Certified Athletic Therapist, Island Optimal Health and Performance, Nanaimo BC.  North Island Silvertips & VIU Mariners Team Therapist.  Camp medical & admin coordinator
  2. Monika Allan – Certified Athletic Therapist, Shawnigan Lake School. Camp travel coordinator
  3. Laurel Calhoun – Certified Athletic Therapist, Brentwood College
  4. Rhett White – Lethbridge Hurricanes Trainer, WHL
  5. JT Ward – Certified Athletic Therapist Nanaimo Clippers, BCHL
  6. Daniel Bell  – Certified S&C Coach, Pacific Hockey Academy Coach, CSSHL
  7. Tori Westby – Athletic Therapy Student, Camosun College
  8. Jordan Brucks – Athletic Therapy Student, Camosun College
  9. Ross Maceluch – Athletic Therapy Student, Camosun College
Behind the Scenes team who make it all happen:
  1. Patsy Wangler and her amazing catering team
  2. Dick Robinson (battling cancer to be here for the 12 year in a row!)
  3. Ryan Foster, Chrissy Alarie, Laurie Pley and the amazing arena staff
  4. Bill Surry and Larry Spener at the Alberni Athletic Hall
  5. Dave and Jill – our reliable cleaning duo
  6. Shaun, Tyler, Neelam and our supervising team at the dorms
  7. Kerry Gladson – Camp Director and Saskatoon Blades Scout
  8. Ronnie Paterson – Camp Director and human relations guru (you will know him when you see him)
  9. Head Recruiter – Doug Lindores
  10. Captains – Cole Hutzkal, Foster Martin
  11. Referees, score keepers
  12. Nate Leslie – Camp Director
  13. Mike Coflin – Camp Director
On ice Groupings:
Oh the on ice groupings!!  As the registrations have played out, we’ve categorized our groups as follows:
  1. Varsity: MML, CSSHL players, right up to NCAA, CIS, Team BC U18, and Team Canada U18, and even the Korean Olympic Team!
  2. Midget: Midget in 2017-18 not yet played MML or higher.  (If you played MML or CSSHL last year and are currently in our Midget group can you reply to this email to let us know?  We have tracked 99% of you but want to be sure we don’t miss someone)
  3. Bantam: 2003 and 2004 players  ***
  4. Pee Wee: 2005 and 2006 players
*****We are short a couple of Midget players, and have a few extra excellent 2003 players.  If your daughter is an exceptional 2003 who would like to be rotated into the midget group for a few days please reply to this email and request to be on that list.
Around this time of year we get inquiries from parents concerned about the groups.  The above description of groups should give you a clear picture of our plan for the week.  We use Monday to make sure we have not missed anything, or made anyone very unhappy and will do our very best to rectify the situation!  We will not be moving anyone down a group, unless we all agree (yes you too!) that it will lead to a better and more enjoyable week for you.
We should make the point here, that our coaches who travel from afar to teach, scout, and recruit players WANT and REQUEST to see your kids train and compete against their peers.  A request to move a player up to too high a level, while often with good intentions, can actually have the opposite effect.  If a player is a great player, our coaches want to see that player compete and dominate against similarly able peers, rather than get lost in the shuffle and not touch the puck much with a group too high above one’s level.  Players need the chance to learn to control the play, have time with the puck, and get lots of touches, contrary to the popular notion that a player must ALWAYS be a part of a group much higher in skill.  Naturally if the player is so good that it is not fun for the player, or the rest in the group, we will make adjustments accordingly.  We hope that clears up our philosophy on hockey development we implement in our camp!
Requests or Inquiries:
Please direct them to team@prepcamp.com or 1.250.412.6644 Ext 0.  Rooming buddies (max 2), etc.
Complaint department:
– Sorry we don’t have one.  JUST KIDDING! If there are issues we have missed or need attention please direct them to team@prepcamp.com or 1.250.412.6644 Ext 0.
As you can see it takes a village to raise your child! We thank you for trusting us with your sons and daughters.  We hope you can witness the camp in action.  You’ll see teaching, character development, fitness and conditioning, battling and competing, and skill refinement in a professional and rewarding setting.
Team Prep Camp
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