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Training & Schedule

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Training Schedule

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The West Coast Hockey Prep Camp provides all participants with a comprehensive program of on – ice training, off ice skills training, fitness and conditioning, yoga, competitive hockey games and instructional seminars. Below we provide a summary of each, as well as a typical daily schedule.

On-Ice Training
A high tempo program designed to improve fundamental skill development by utilizing the newest developments in teaching methodology from hockey experts worldwide.

Fitness and Skill Training
Hockey specific exercises improve a player’s explosive power, agility, speed, and balance. The Prep Camp program uses the latest techniques in off-ice training from Europe and North America.

Hockey Games
Hockey Games are one hour on-ice scrimmages between teams of balanced calibre. They are designed to allow each player to compete and be measured against their peers; the games are game situation intensity. Teams play games in the evenings on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.  Saturday is a shortened day with only one ice session: a final game.

Seminars are instructional sessions
Seminars are instructional sessions which cover important areas of young players development needs. Previous seminar subjects have discussed the relationship between coaches and players, mental attributes necessary to maximize playing potential, player characteristics coaches and scouts look for, nutrition, what to look for at your team interview, and questions you and your parents should ask about education opportunities.

Scheduling details
Scheduling details will be posted closer to camp. Things you should note: Saturday is considered a travel day and camp is done by 12:15pm at the latest (group dependent). The Dorm and kitchen will be open but there are no formal events scheduled. Camp will run from early Monday morning through to Saturday at 12:15pm. Port Alberni is approximately 90 minutes from the airport and ferry terminals and you should consider this when making reservations.

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