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Player Testimonials

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2014 Testimonials

Nate My son, Layton Ahac just returned (Saturday Aug 9th) from your week long Bantam prep camp in Port Alberni.  Layton thought it was the best camp he had ever participated in.  He liked the variety of coaches and drills offered, the high calibre of players, as well as the camaraderie of the team, the dorms and the off ice skills.  Thank you for offering such a rewarding camp. He is definitely ready for try outs next week and looking forward to the challenge of brining his game to the next level.  We hope to see you again next year.  Karen Koziki, North Vancouver, BC

2012 Testimonials:

August 20, 2012: Thank you for the opportunity to attend your camp in Port Alberni. It was the most fantastic ice hockey camp I have been to. I have taken away many new skills which I plan to implement in my future hockey career. I made a lot of new friends and plan to stay in contact with them hopefully meeting up again in Canada some time. Looking forward to having you back here in Queenstown next year and learning more from you.

~ Callum Burns, New Zealand U18 National Team, Queenstown, NZ

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the Junior Prep Camp as it was an engaging Development Camp both on and off the ice.

~ Troy Paterson, Cowichan Capitals BCHL

I thought the camp was amazing and well run. The dryland was really good, and the coaches were really fun. They worked us hard but we had so much fun we didn’t care! I learned a lot and I would just like to say thank you for adding an outstanding week to my summer! I will see you all next year!

~ Harrison Jelinek, Pee Wee in Didsbury, AB

This is the best work I put into my game in the last 3 years (since I last attended Prep Camp.

~ Grant Fisher, Wenatchee Wild U16, Everett, WA, USA

“Coming into Junior Prep Camp my goal was to be noticed by a BCHL hockey team. I had no main camp invites going into the camp. I worked as hard as I could and I got an invite to Victoria Grizzlies. I didn’t end up making the team, but i made it to top forwards left, and they affiliated me. So going into camp having nothing to where I am now, I think I’ve come a long way. Thanks Nate.

~ Jordan Hall, Grandview Steelers 2012/13

2011 Testimonials:

I have been at Jr Prep Camp the past 5 summers and I look forward to my experience there every summer as it is both challenging and rewarding.

~ Robert Lindores, Northern Michigan University, NCAA

This past summer was my first visit and I found the sessions high energy and exciting. The drills were challenging and the scrimmages were high tempo!

~ Michael Stenerson, Surrey Eagles BCHL

I had a lot of fun this year at a counselor and as a member in the camp. I really enjoy being captain in the dorms because it gives me the chance to interact with every kid in the dorms. Being dorm captain was also a big learning experience for me. I hope I was able to handle everything well, and really enjoyed working closely with the coaching staff. It has even sparked my interest in being a coach one day. Thank you for giving me the chance to be a counselor here at Prep Camp. As a player, I find the quality of camp top notch. I have a lot of fun, while improving as a player and getting in shape for the season. I like that every year there are new coaches. I believe that I would not be where I am today without this camp. It has made me a better player and individual. Every year this camp get better and better.

~ Joseph Chase, Oceanside Generals, VIJHL and longest standing Prep Camp Dorm Captain

Playing hockey has always been a major passion in my life. Ever since I was 10 and laced up my skates and headed out for my first spring league game. I fell in love with it automatically, it became a part of me and my every day life. It’s not even just the sport, it’s the bonds that are made through teams – meeting those girls who are still major factors in my life. Being able to play a sport you love with your best friends is indescribable. But playing it at such an elite level is utterly amazing. This past summer I went through a lot of different elite training camps all to hopefully raise my chances of playing for my dream team – the Vancouver Fusion which is a major midget hockey club. The one camp though that had the biggest impact on me and my level of skill was definitely the ” Jr. Prep Camp” in Port Alberni. This camp had every type of training you could imagine from on-ice to off-ice (which was extremely exhausting but very rewarding) to mental preparation seminars. This camp helped to boost my confidence level way up. I went into Tryouts for the Vancouver Fusion hoping for the best. The Tryouts were very competitive but a lot of fun and very educational as well. I had made it past the first round of cuts and I was ecstatic, I was extremely excited. As the Tryouts went on to final cuts I was unfortunately cut from their team – But I was asked to affiliate for them. At the time I was obviously very upset – but I realized I would have a chance to shine in my rep Tryouts for Tri-Cities Predators midget 1. In these Tryouts I had used everything the Jr. Prep Camp taught me and hey- I finished first in Tryouts. Not to shabby. But then I started getting emails from The Fusion and they were asking me out to practices, I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for practice before. I went to one and it was a huge workout and a great learning experience. I got asked back again… And again… And again! Then I had been asked to play in a game with them and this was a huge deal for me! I went and played my hardest and had a blast doing so with all the girls on that team being so welcoming and generous. All in all – what I’m trying to say is I would not be anywhere near the place I am in today if it wasn’t for this camp. I will be returning there this upcoming summer and hopefully this will increase my chances again and I will be full time on the Vancouver Fusions roster!

~ Courtney Weatherbie

Previous to 2011

Junior Prep Hockey Camp was a great experience. It gave me the opportunity to showcase my talent, compete with other top quality hockey players and most importantly, the chance to learn from different highly experienced coaches and scouts. This is the total package that will give me the chance to compete at the next level.

~ Andrew Ammon, Washington Little Capitals Bantam Major

The Junior Prep Camp gave me the development on and off the ice that is needed to help me get to the next level. It is a good mixture of hard work and rest. The food and dorm facility also made the experience fantastic.

~ Lynden Sammartino, former camper and current goalie coach at Prep Camp

With coaches’ interaction, high tempo practices and challenging drills, this camp taught us how hard we have to work to get to Junior Hockey. Our participation in the camp helped us achieve our dream to play prep school hockey. We got exactly what we wanted from the camp ~ Development, Exposure, and Experience.

~ Kevin Harris and Jeffrey Harris, Culver Military Academy ~ Varsity A

A great combination of top development, conditioning and exposure with the right amount of rest. I have never been to a camp with this much demand on development and exposure.

~ Shane Case, Huntington Beach Sun Devils ~ Midget AA

The Junior Prep Hockey Camp is the full package. Not only do they have top development on the ice, but the off~ice conditioning (Dave Smith) left me with the knowledge of how I must train to improve my overall conditioning. Thanks for the experience.

~ Ryan Clifford, Getzville, NY

It was worth every penny. I have attended a lot of camps, but never have I seen a camp like this. Gary Kremsater told me what to expect, but I could not believe how much development and exposure was at this camp. I was also very impressed with the off~ice development. The coaches and off~ice staff were always there to help or answer any questions that needed to be answered.

~ Alex Froc, Major Midget AAA ~ Saskatoon SK

I was very impressed with the high tempo of the practices and also the quality of the players that were at the camp. Even though the camp was very hard, the Junior and Pro coaches made development fun. Thank you.

~ Steven Hall, Oakhills, CA

I really enjoyed the two weeks I spent at the Junior Prep Hockey Camp. The first week was the Defensemen’s Camp. It was nice to see a camp that worked totally on the development for Defensemen. I loved learning how to hip check.

~ CJ Henley, Kenai AK

Junior Prep Camp has been a tremendous help to me in terms of developing my skills and finding a quality program.

~ Joey Ammon, Banff Hockey Academy

I was scouted by the Prep Camp a few years ago and that’s what started to open some doors for me. They’ve been extremely helpful in my development.

~ Dan Hopper, Powell River Kings, BCHL

Prep Camp had a real junior hockey atmosphere about it, and the instructors taught us what we would have to do to attain that level. The camp was extremely challenging and helped me most with my speed.

~ Billy Bagron, Chicago Steel, USHL

Junior Prep Camp was an unbelievable experience for me. It was an influential development for me in my hockey.

~ Robert Earl, U.S. National Under 18

Junior Prep Camp helped put me over the top ~ it was exactly what I needed for final preparation for my entry into the Western Hockey League main camp.

~ Dan Ehrman, Prince George Cougars, WHL

Being from California, Junior Prep Camp opened doors and gave me opportunities to compete against players from all over North America that I might otherwise not have had. Attending the camp for two years, improving my skill level and developing a relationship with certain coaches made the difference for me and helped me get into the Junior ‘A level.

~ Matt Kunsman, Chlliwack Chiefs, BCHL

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