A Premier Development & Exposure Hockey Camp
Registrations: Please call 1.250.412.6644

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Who should I contact?

  1. New registrants please submit an email in the contact box below or call Doug Lindores or Nate Leslie.
  2. To make changes to an existing account please call or write Director Nate Leslie.  Phone number and email listed below.
  3. Logistical questions?  Please check out “My Camp Guide” here with links and answers to our most common questions.
Mailing Address:
West Coast Hockey Prep Camp
102-1717 Haro St. Vancouver, BC, V6G 1H1
Head Recruiter:
Doug Lindores: 1.250.412.6644 Ext 1, dlindy(at)shaw.ca
Recruiting, Accounts, & Medical:
Kate Flynn: 1.250.412.6644 Ext 4, kate.flynn15(at)gmail.com
Camp Director:
Nate Leslie: 1.250.412.6644 Ext 3, nate(at)lgsports.ca
Please use the form below to send us an email:
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