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Hockey Coach Testimonials

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What the Coaches have to say:


August 6, 2013: Mike and Nate. I just wanted to thank you both and the other staff at the Prep Camp for a great week.
It was a very enjoyable experience and something I gained a lot from both as a coach and a person. You guys do a great job and have obviously worked tirelessly at running what I saw as a first class camp. I would love the opportunity to go back for another week or two next year if you’ll have me back. Thanks again for everything it was greatly appreciated.

Tyler Kuntz, Assistant Coach, University of British Columbia Men’s Hockey, CIS

July 28, 2013: Hi Nate, I am back in the office now… as my summer is concluding. I wanted to thank you for having me out to the camp. I hope I added some value, as I had a great experience. I was very impressed by so many things at the camp – instructors, organization, the food of course, the professionalism and so on. One of my favorites was the attentiveness of the participants! It was great to see and feel that! Please keep in touch!

Deanna Iwanicka, Head Coach Women’s Hockey, Department of Athletics and Recreation, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology,

What a great experience for our boys! A terrific camp and your family should take the credit for making it such a success. I enjoyed visiting with Dalyce on the way to the ferry yesterday. She is an outstanding young lady and I am sure you are very proud of her!Lastly, I appreciate the opportunity to be part of the camp. I hope I added value and I know I learned a lot also. All of the coaches were great and I think we all worked well together. I am excited to see what things you change for the next year and know that we will bring a group again.

– Hal Tearse, Minnesota

The Junior Prep Hockey camp is a unique hockey experience. Professional coaches push the players physically and mentally to ready themselves for the next level of hockey. A demanding schedule on top of a comprehensive dryland program improves the players conditioning and skillset. The exposure to the coaches that come from all over North America creates an environment that has players learning from top notch people who are always looking for that next player to help their team. Commitments and opportunities are earned each and every year directly from this camp.The players are instructed by coaches that have expectations of what they want to see from a player. Getting accustomed to performing in an environment where expectations are high aids in preparing these players for what it takes to be successful. The coaches are very demanding and encouraged to treat the players as they would in the running of their own teams thus giving players an experience that best prepares them for what they will see in the fall.

This camp, more than any other prepares players for the next level. The players leave this camp in better physical condition, more skilled, and with a confidence that can make the difference in achieving their goals. The people involved make this camp. First class ownership, top notch coaches, an incredible arena staff, and the entire town of Port Alberni care to see that the players benefit from their experience.

– Scott Robinson, GM/HC Cowichan Valley Capitals BCHL

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