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Coach Profile: Greg Bowles, University of Ottawa, Week 1 West Coast Hockey Prep Camp

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Today we feature Greg Bowles at the 2017 West Coast Hockey Prep Camp, Week 1.  Greg is the Assistant Coach and Head Scout for the University of Ottawa’s women’s hockey program.


At what level did you play?

Played both university (CIAU at the time….now USports) and College. Was also a high level volleyball player, playing with the Canadian Military team (CISM) in the Netherlands.


Why do you come to Prep Camp?

  1. Our program (at the UofO) is looking to build a program that better reflects all provinces in Canada.
  2. I used to live in BC and I would love to give back.
  3. We have recruited two players already for this year, and want to keep the momentum going.
  4. I was introduced to this camp by current coaches, Mark Taylor and Scott Spencer, and the passion that they spoke about this event made me want to be a part of it.


Why should a player come to prep camp?

  1. To have fun, make new friends and to develop some life experiences.
  2. The dynamics of hockey in BC make this an elite provincial… who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?!
  3. With such a motivated organizational crew and passionate coaching staff this really makes West Coast Prep Camp the place to be!


Mentors? Mantras? Words to live by?

-I am a plan and preparation coach…. how hard I work is all that I can control.

-I am not a fan of players who say, ‘I cannot do that….’. If you say such a thing, it had better be followed by a ‘yet’ as in ‘I cannot do that yet!’

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