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Canadian Sport School Hockey League Opportunities: Come to camp if the CSSHL is right for you.

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Is the rapidly expanding Canadian Sport School Hockey League is an option your family?  The West Coast Hockey Prep Camp can offer you the exposure you might need to get your chance.  A large number of players who have attended camp in the past couple of years have taken advantage of the exposure to CSSHL coaches who work with us.  Check out this list of Canadian Sport School Hockey League coaches who make the West Coast Hockey Prep Camp a regular part on their summer, or are new this year.  All of these coaches have identified players at camp in their recruiting process.  We expect many of these coaches to join us again this summer.

Female Canadian Sport School Hockey League Coaches:

Dominique DiRocco – Delta Hockey Academy, CSSHL (Also UBC Assistant Coach)

Christina SharunOkanagan Hockey Academy, CSSHL (Team BC U18 Coach)

Kris Hogg – Pursuit of Excellence, CSSHL (New in 2017)

Carly HaggardShawnigan Lake School, CSSHL (New in 2017)

Male Canadian Sport School Hockey League Coaches:

Rob ArmstrongPacific Coast Hockey Academy, CSSHL

Scott May –Delta Hockey Academy, CSSHL

Spencer Bennett –Delta Hockey Academy, CSSHL (NHL Draft Pick by Calgary Flames in 2009)

Jame Pollock – Shawnigan Lake School, CSSHL (9 NHL games with St Louis Blues, NHL)

Brian Passmore –Shawnigan Lake School, CSSHL

Jeff Compton –Shawnigan Lake School, CSSHL

Brad Rihela –  Yale Hockey Academy, CSSHL

Ed ZawatskyPursuit of Excellence, CSSHL

Derek BachynskiPursuit of Excellence, CSSHL

Josh BonarBurnaby Winter Club, CSSHL

What can you do to get noticed?

These coaches work tirelessly trying to assemble the best possible team.  They need: top level, dedicated players who can handle a unique academic schedule.  You might need to live away from your parents.  Your family most often, but not always, needs to financially afford this pricey but top quality hockey opportunity.  If you meet these criteria then keep reading.

Scouting minor hockey games proves to be a major challenge for these coaches as their own team schedules are so demanding.  Use the links above to contact the programs that interest you, and let them know you’ll be at the West Coast Hockey Prep Camp this summer.  This will narrow their focus on you immediately.  They will have the chance to see you train 11 times on ice including 3 games.  They will drop in on your fitness sessions to see how hard you train off ice.  They’ll watch you in the lunchroom, interact with your peers, your camp coaches, group leaders, and kitchen staff.

At the West Coast Hockey Prep Camp, these Canadian Sport School Hockey League coaches, and many others from Major Midget to the NHL, have an incredible opportunity to see you shine.  Believe us when we say that they are watching.  More than you think.  Let them know you’ll be with us this summer.  The rest is up to you.  Mind your work ethic, showcase your skills, respect your peers, and respect your staff.  Good things will happen to you.

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