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Registrations: Please call 1.250.412.6644

Arrival, Departure, and Essentials for Camp

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Scroll down to see what you should bring to camp, what you should leave at home, when to arrive, and when you are done!  Please be sure to read our section at the bottom about security/valuables/phones.

Check in and Registration:

  • REGISTRATION: 2-6pm on the Sunday of your week in the upper rink lobby.

Please arrive at the Alberni Multiplex between 2pm and 6pm for check in on the Sunday before your first day of camp. All weeks run Monday to Saturday, hence check in is Sunday late afternoon. (Junior A Prospects and our College Group run Monday to Friday in Week 4).  When you enter the main doors, turn right and head up the stairs to the upper lobby where you will find our registration table. All players staying in the dorms will then be directed to their  dorm hall. The dorm hall is located in the Alberni Athletic Hall behind and to the right of the multiplex.

All day campers must take their equipment home every night.  We have more teams than dressing rooms, so equipment storage and room rotations must be followed throughout the week. All dorming players will be provided dinner on Sunday evening, followed by a welcome meeting for all players (both dorming and day campers) at 6pm Sunday. Camp starts first thing Monday morning.  Click here for schedules.

Alberni Valley Multiplex
3737 Roger St
Port Alberni, BC V9Y 8J4
(250) 723-2146

Check out and Departure:

Camp finishes by approximately 12:15pm on Saturday. On this final day players have one final on ice game. We welcome all family and friends to drop in at the rink at any time during camp, and certainly welcome you all at their final game. Players will depart immediately after their last event, so therefore overnight campers must have their dorm room packed, cleaned, and checked by a dorm captain before heading to their first event. Players using our transportation service must be ready to leave for the airport/ferry with their suitcase and equipment packed in front of the main doors of the multiplex by 12:30pm. All players on a meal plan will be given a quick opportunity to take a sandwich and fruit for the drive to their departure destination.

Players using our transportation service:

Please click here to visit our transportation information page, and to fill out your transportation details for our files.

All Players:

Medical Form, Health Care Information and Waiver

What you will need at camp:

Our participants are on the ice 2 times per day. In addition we have off-ice conditioning and skill development programs 2 times per day. Given the intensity of the camp and the frequency of the training you should bring plenty of quick drying under clothing so you can let one dry and wear the other. We have a professional laundry service available at camp.  Cost: $10.  Turn around: 12-24 hours.

To get the most out of your time at the Junior Prep Hockey Camp and to make your stay with us as pleasant and comfortable as possible you MUST bring the following:

  • Insurance: Present your provincial health card number at registration. International campers must provide proof of travel insurance
  • Complete set of Hockey Equipment for full contact play. (Helmet with Visor or cage is Mandatory)
    • Only Players 18+ or signed to Junior teams may wear visors. No exceptions.
    • Mouth guard for players wearing visor (recommended for all players)
    • Neck guard for all minor hockey carded players
    • No exceptions – players will not be allowed on the ice without the above appropriate equipment
    • Water bottle
    • Plain coloured hockey socks preferred: Dark/black
  • Athletic shoes and several pairs of shorts and tee shirts for off-ice training
  • Laundry service: $10 per load, cleaned by a professional local business. Drop the bag of laundry at our camp office and pick it up the next day
  • Skate sharpening service: $5.  Drop off your skates in the lobby upstairs with your $5, and pick them up the next morning from the Trainer Station at ice level.
  • Sleeping bag, mattress sheet, and pillow ( We supply mattress, bunk beds/air mattress, & lockers)
    • Camping stores sell very lightweight and compact sleeping bags and pillows
    • Port Alberni is very hot in the summer – Light sleeping gear highly recommended
  • 2 bath towels and personal toiletries
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes for off-ice relaxation and sleeping
  • Lock for lockers (also available for sale)
  • Spending money for trips to the corner store (we run a ‘bank’ for campers’ cash and keep it secure for them)
  • Money for foot passenger ferry if you are using our transportation service
  • We sell tape, laces, and sticks (players can pay cash or we can contact you by phone to take credit card payment)
  • Bathing suit for a walk to the creek behind the arena to cool down (supervised)
  • Wireless network in rink but not dorms
  • Book, playing cards, etc.

Safety / Valuables:

  • Laptops not recommended. Smartphones tolerated but we cannot take responsibility for players leaving their expensive phones lying around, unsupervised.  Every year a phone goes missing because a player left it sitting wide in the open for hours on end.  We have supplied lockers for small amounts of money, wallets, and phones.  Please bring a lock or buy one from us.
  • We provide a “Bank” service whereby players can leave cash/wallet with us and receive distribution when they need it.  We keep the “Bank” locked in a secure location.

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